R Office Hours

R Office Hours

Learning R is not always easy. Even if the actual statistical technique is well understood, beginners are often stuck with cryptic error messages, with the R documentation not always being a great help. Often, experienced users can help beginners with such problems in a matter of minutes. In order to help beginners to learn and use R, we offer office hours specifically for R related questions:

  • Tuesday 11 to 12 am

You can find us in room 3.101 in the Rudower-Chaussee 18.

During the R office hours, experienced R users help beginners to get a better understanding of R and to solve challenging R problems. It´s also possible to ask for advise for problems, which relate to subjects of the Methodenlehre I or Methodenlehre II lectures. If our consultants notice that the problem is beyond the scope of the R office hours, they may redirect you to the regular consulting sessions.

In preparation for the session, please send a short description of your R problem using the application form (link below) at least one day prior to the date you would like to visit. In order to demonstrate your problem, you may attach an R script with some data. If possible, please bring your notebook.

Currently, the R Walk-By Hours is limited to members of the Department of Psychology of the Humboldt University of Berlin.

Registration for the R Office Hours

Tutorial on implementing data into R (currently only in German):