Overview Consulting

Overview of the Consulting Process

  1. Client registers for consulting

    • Via Beratung or Consulting
    • Requirements:
      • Clients need to be associated with the department of psychology.
      • Consulting for bachelor or master students is limited to their thesis.
      • The students’ supervisors need to agree and (the first supervisor) gets an automatic mail.
    • The requirements are checked before the case is sent around.


  2. Ticketing system is updated

    • Link: Cases
    • The login information is sent around regularly.


  3. Mail is sent to every member via the mailing list of the method group.


  4. Someone picks the case

    • Please update the ticketing system (change status from open to closed and fill in your name; detailed documentation here) or inform the rest of us via mail.
    • Schedule a meeting with your client.


  5. If the case is not picked, someone from the inner circle is mailed

    • Inner circle: WiMis, Manuel, and Kai.
    • The case goes to the person who has not consulted for the longest time.
    • The fit between case and consultant is also taken into account. Unfortunately, perfect fits are rare.


  6. Consulting

    • A consulting session is limited to a maximum of 30 minutes. Feel free to use more time if you want. We communicate this time constraint to encourage clients to structure their questions and to dampen expectations.
    • Each research project is limited to a maximum of two consulting sessions.
    • We discourage our clients from discussing code (e.g., R scripts) due to time limits.
    • We do not guarantee that a solution is always correct, nor that we find a solution.
    • Students should always discuss the content of the consulting sessions with their supervisors.


  7. Documentation

    • Please document your session here.

*Points 4, 6, and 7 are to be done by the consultants.